100% Waterproof
Easy installation
Easy to clean
10 years warranty


A revolutionary sealing system

With our sealing solutions we offer a guaranteed safe and watertight solution, in combination with the Easy Drain drainage system. As a result, leaking of faulty installation due to unfavorable conditions is eliminated. 

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Self-adhesive waterproofing system (SAM)

SAM is a revolutionary system which waterproofs your entire bathroom. The self-adhesive sealing membrane can be glued directly to the wall and floor surfaces without using additional liquid sealing material. The top side is fleece-coated with an anti-bacterially film and offers an ideal base surface for any type of tile glue. With the SAM system, we guarantee a time-saving installation and a 10-year watertightness.

Guaranteed 10 years water tightness of the entire bathroom area
Time saving installation (ca. 2 hours drying time)
Can be used on surfaces like concrete, cement screeds, dry screed, existing ceramics (tiles), plasterboard and wood
Surface immediately tileable and suitable for all types of building chemicals
100% watertight warranty and fast, direct processing
Antibacterial fleece coating to prevent mold

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