IP44 certified
5-year warranty
Superior light quality
Energy efficient


Perfect lighting all around

Just like the lake of Iseo, this mirror is crystal clear and let you start the day with a smile.The Iseo is a beautifully circular shaped mirror that is available in various dimensions and finishes. It offers features such as adjustable brightness, colour temperature (2800k-6000k) and an illuminated frame. A remote control is included for changing light settings.

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Superior light quality

Create the perfect lighting condition

Warm white (2800k)

Neutral white (4300k)

Cool white (6000k)

Frame finishes

Match the colours in your bathroom


Quick de-mystification

Technical details

Size Ø600 - 1000 mm
Watt 11 - 19 W
Energy A
Lumen 1200 - 2100 lm
More details
Adjustable colour temperature: 2800k to 6000k
Adjustable brightness
Remote control included
Custom logo optional

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