Secondary Drainage

With our patented TAF-system (Tile Adjustable Frame) we offer a unique option to apply secondary drainage in a barrier-free installation. This way, any water leaking under the tiles due to porous sealant or cracks can flow back into the shower drain.



Waterproofing membrane required

Secondary drainage only applies when the entire wet area is sealed with a certified waterproofing membrane. We recommend using our Wet Area Sealing Set. Linear shower drains from Easy Drain’s Compact and Multi series have a vertical stainless steel flange, which makes it not suitable for secondary drainage.

Secondary drainage

To achieve 100% secondary drainage, the entire wet area has to be sealed with a certified waterproofing membrane (ETAG 022). This way, any water that penetrates through a broken sealant joint, a broken tile joint or through cracks in the tiles, can easily flow back into the shower drain.

Other advantages

The stainless steel TAF frame can be easily adjusted in height (7-18 mm), after installing the drain’s build-in set, to match the level of the surrounding tiled floor. All shower drains with TAF-system are standard equipped with our pre-assembled sealing membrane (WPS).

Primary drainage

With primary drainage, both spaces between the TAF-frame and tiles as well as the flanges and tiles are completely sealed, so there is no possibility to apply secondary drainage under the tiled floor. Any water that penetrates through a broken sealant joint or cracks in the tile can’t flow back into the shower drain.

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