Light and space in perfect harmony

Light and space in perfect harmony

We believe that a bathroom mirror should have the same high quality as all the other elements of the room. As a result, we have developed the Mirror collection. Create the perfect ambiance in your bathroom with the all-in-one LED illuminated mirrors.

Lugano - unlimited options

Like the lake of Lugano this mirror only reflects the best of its surroundings. The Lugano is a beautifully designed rectangular mirror that is available in various dimensions and frame finishes. Discover its features like adjustable brightness, colour temperature (2800k-6000k) and a four-sided illuminated frame that is suitable for any bathroom.

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Iseo - perfect lighting all around

Just like the lake of Iseo, this mirror is crystal clear and let you start the day with a smile.The Iseo is a beautifully circular shaped mirror that is available in various dimensions and finishes. It offers features such as adjustable brightness, colour temperature (2800k-6000k) and an illuminated frame. A remote control is included for changing light settings.

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Victoria - ultra-chic

Similar to the great lake of Victoria this mirror is a real eyecatcher. Its dimensions can go up to 120 cm in diameter which creates a spacious ambiance in any bathroom.The Victoria has a bevelled edge with indirect lighting and can be used to create the perfect atmosphere.

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